Main Topics & Sessions: The Conference welcomes scientists and researchers in all fields of chemistry and related sciences. If your research does not explicitly apply to the following main topics, you can specify the appropriate session.


Conference Topics


Session A: Analytical & Inorganic Chemistry

Air and Water Pollution, Chromatography Coordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Pre-concentration and Separation, Speciation Spectroscopy  

Session B: Physical Chemistry

Computational Chemistry, Corrosion Science, Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry Kinetics and Thermodynamic, Solid–State Chemistry 

Session C: Organic Chemistry

Chemistry of Dyes Heterocyclic, Chemistry Chemistry of Natural Products, Organic Synthesis Organometallic, Chemistry Physical, Organic Chemistry

Session D: Applied Chemistry

Fuel Chemistry and Fuel Cells, Technology Industrial Chemistry and Engineering, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Petroleum, Chemistry Polymer Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Nanotechnology and Nano Sciences Food Chemistry

Session E: Biochemistry

Biochemistry Agricultural Chemistry, Chemical Health and Safety Enzymology, Immunochemistry, Microbial and Biochemical Technology